Next Big Thing


When your telco is about to roll out an exciting new product, be it a bundle program, some special savings, or maybe you’re taking a direct aim at the OTT devices—your success will likely be determined by how well you reach your customers, not the product itself. You might be thinking “people get so much junk mail/SPAM emails/social media attention-grabs throughout the day, why would they give our tactics a second look?” The fact is, there are some easy techniques you can use that will allow your “next big thing” to practically sell itself!


1. Tease it! If you’re waiting until the product release day to tell your customers for the first time, you’re already behind the 8-ball. Think about how movie trailers work; they show a bit of what the movie will be about MONTHS if not years ahead of the movie release date. People are naturally curious. The anticipation of wanting to know more creates a demand for the product before people even know what it is. For example, when we here at Mapcom were preparing to roll out our new website, we started releasing teaser emails and social media posts saying, “Something BIG is coming!” as we showed a little bit of what our new site would look like. Start planning your marketing campaign months in advance of the product or service release.


2. Tell them why they’ll love it. When you’re advertising a new product or service to consumers, the first thing consumers want to know is “how is this better than what I already have?” Even more important than advertising the price, consumers want to know how your new product is going to make their lives better, easier, or less complicated. Remember to use “you”-focused language that makes your customer the focus of the ad, not yourself. Even better than telling them is showing them. Do a side-by-side comparison of your existing product and your promotional product. Show the value in a way that is easy for the consumer to understand.


3. Make it easy for them. Now that you’ve attracted interest in your product or service, told the consumer how it will improve their life, and shown them the proof—make sure it’s easy for them to follow-through and make the purchase. If it’s something they can buy or upgrade online, on the release day make sure that the transaction works smoothly and without errors. Always assume that your web traffic will increase when you release a new product or service; make sure your hosting service is prepared. If this is a transaction that can be made over the phone, ensure the number is easy to access and available on multiple pages.


Releasing a new product or service is an exciting, and certainly an opportunity you want to take full advantage of. By following a few simple steps, you can make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to attract customers in new and exciting ways and grow your business with new offerings!