optimize employee efficiencyIt’s time to cap off our New Year’s Resolution series. On Tuesday we talked about diversifying revenue, but today we’re bringing the focus back to internal operations. Specifically, how can your company improve employee efficiency and reduce wasted time? M4 Solutions is designed to combat common inhibitors of productivity, including redundant processes and data silos. Read on to learn how M4 can optimize your employees as a priceless resource.

Integrate with Your Existing BSS/OSS

Toggling between different OSS wastes precious time and diminishes productivity. If you’re not familiar with M4’s Integration Engine, it’s a series of cartridges that can source and share data between M4 and many other BSS/OSS programs. This open-system approach has saved our clients countless hours in data entry. Instead of re-entering information multiple times in multiple systems, users can save effort by inputting data once and watching it populate M4.

Automate as Many Processes as Possible

M4 includes many opportunities for automation. Integration enables M4 to perform basic functions, like automatic work order assignment or equipment selection. Your employees can instead focus on complex tasks and problem-solving. Users can establish rules-based automation to ensure accuracy and reliability. Our research found that M4 Solutions saves technicians an average of 38% of time per day and dispatchers 44% of time per day with its streamlined processes and automated workflows.

Open Data Access to the Right Departments

Here’s another statistic that may interest you. According to our research, engineers spend an average of 31% of their workday addressing requests for information from other departments. M4 helps break down communication barriers by allowing each department access to the same information. Even better, each department can customize their dashboards to show the most relevant information displayed in a way that makes sense to them. By providing a central source of data, M4 accelerates information sharing reduces interdepartmental friction.

The start of the year is a great time to make changes for the better of your company. If you’d like to talk to us about M4 Solutions, email us today.