Recently, manager of product Parker Pierce hosted a webinar that gave viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the “what,” “why” and “how” for Mapcom’s latest offering: Pinpoint811. Pinpoint811 is an intelligent locates management tool that helps dispatchers and technicians reduce chances of fiber strikes and simplify their daily locates activities.

At the conclusion of the webinar, we opened the floor for audience questions in a live Q&A session. If you missed the webinar, be sure to watch the on-demand recording first. Then read on for all the answers – including the ones that weren’t addressed on air!

Q: Does it matter how many 811 agencies we receive tickets from?
A: No, Pinpoint811’s architecture can scale as necessary to handle large volumes of 811 requests, including requests from multiple one-call agencies.

Q: Do users need to have Dispatch Manager or Workforce in addition to Web Console 2 to use Pinpoint811?
A: Pinpoint811 currently requires only M4 Foundation and Web Console 2 to be used.

Q: Can Pinpoint811 integrate with a billing and/or ticketing integration?
A: Pinpoint811 will not support a native integration with a ticketing system to create locate tasks.

Version 1 will support two integrations: an API-driven native integration with USIC’s TicketPro and the ability to pass locate tasks to other entities via email. An API that allows ticketing systems to generate tasks is on the product roadmap to be considered for a future release. In addition, the Product team will consider additional native integrations as Pinpoint811 evolves.

Q: Can all open locate tasks be displayed on the screen at once?
A: Users can set the filter to show only open tasks, but Pinpoint will only display a maximum of 100 tasks on the map at one time.

 Q: Can you zoom out on the current map selection to see what else is available to locate close by?
A: Yes, Pinpoint811 allows users to view up to 100 locate boundaries on the screen at once. All locate tasks that are visible in the Live List section will display on the map as well.

Q: Can Pinpoint811 auto-clear tickets based on plant appearing in the locate boundary?
A: Pinpoint811 currently does not support auto-clearing, but the functionality is on the Product Roadmap to be considered for a future release.

Q: Can the fields in the Locates Summary window be customized? For instance, the on-site phone number, name, and other specific notes.
A: Version 1 of Pinpoint811 will not support client-configurable fields in the Locate Summary. Our Product team is listening to customers and prospects to ensure the Locate Summary shows the most valuable fields while also maximizing GUI space.

Q: Is there ability to add notes or upload images to a specific locate tasks? Once added, can these then be retrieved in a later search?
A: Pinpoint811 supports users adding comments to tasks via the GUI or API. Any users that can access Pinpoint811 will be able to see the comments added to tasks. Attaching images and/or other files to tasks is on the product roadmap to be considered for a future release.

Don’t forget to check out the complete recording of the webinar to see how Pinpoint811 works alongside your network maps to efficiently evaluate and manage locates activities.

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