Gigabit internet deployment sounds like a daunting task. For many rural providers, gigabit rollout is their first major infrastructure upgrade since the move away from DSL. Our advice? Get access to the right tools and right resources to manage deployment!

For most providers, pieces of the infrastructure for a gigabit upgrade are already in place. Do you already provide FTTx services? If so, the next question is really one of operational readiness. Even the most dependable, seasoned employees might not be prepared for the departmental coordination that an upgrade of this magnitude requires. But don’t stress- there are tools to assist in streamlining the process!Your goal is to maximize employees as a resource and reduce extraneous or redundant work processes. Take, for example, Mapcom Systems’ M4 Solutions Suite, a tool designed specifically to ease some of these common operational pains. This one tool can be vital as your company moves toward gigabit deployment.

One way to streamline is to centralize information rather than keeping departmental silos, with modules such as M4 Fiber, M4 AutoRouting and M4 Inventory. Do you know how much time your employees may lose due to poor network management tools? OSP and ISP engineers experience a combined average of 25% lost time, largely due to inaccurate, out of date or incomplete records. Customer Service, Marketing and Sales departments lose about 21% of time, while Line Assigners lose a whopping 60%.

Data consolidation solves several problems at once:

  • It saves employees from making internal phone calls to access information from other departments.
  • It prevents the creation of multiple records that contradict each other.
  • It facilitates faster customer service by providing on-the-spot answers.

Along with a multi-system integration, dynamic information sharing is the key to operational readiness.

Can you afford to lose out on these benefits? At Mapcom, we know an upgrade of this scale might seem implausible for your company. The risks may seem too great or the deployment too complicated. But with the right tools, resources and a fair amount of confidence, your team can be the industry leaders of your community! Rural America doesn’t need to fall behind in this technology trend- beat the communications giants to the gigabit finish line.