gigawow-300pxOnce a CSP has made the decision to join the race, deployed equipment and secured tools to efficiently operate gigabit broadband, the final hurdle is marketing the need to customers. What’s the message? Who can benefit from gigabit speeds? Let’s look at your marketing landscape.

Rural communities are accustomed to feeling left behind in terms of technology; the latest and greatest innovations aren’t always available in isolated areas. Broadband titans prioritize large cities, leaving a void to be filled in rural America. Capitalizing on the gigabit race is the perfect opportunity for a CSP to position itself as THE local leader in technology and broadband. Showcasing industry knowledge is the first step. Provide education to the consumer about the perks of increased bandwidth for the individual: faster streaming, improved connection for multiple devices, consistent connection for “Internet of Things” devices, and beyond. Create scripts for your sales, marketing and customer service teams to use during upsell phone calls. Write up a bulleted list of advantages to feature prominently on your website. Create a brochure outlining the technical differences between a customer’s current service and gigabit service.

The real ace in the hole, though, is the impact of gigabit internet on the community as a whole. Maybe the elderly population can live more comfortably with new technologies like accessible telemedicine. Local businesses can thrive through improved digital literacy. And what about job creation? The benefits of increased employment opportunities are eclipsed only by the profitability of new business altogether.Chattanooga, TN attracted expansions by big names like Amazon and Volkswagen. Kansas City, Cleveland and Lafayette all witnessed startups migrating to their communities, eager to take advantage of gigabit’s potential. What’s the potential for your town?

With its untapped potential and technology-hungry population, rural America is the ideal place to join the gigabit race. The impact of gigabit speeds will change communities from top to bottom, bringing limitless possibilities for growth. Currently, rural CSPs are in the historically unique position to bring their service areas a new innovation before it reaches the rest of the U.S. With thorough research, dynamic communication and strategic leadership, small CSPs can outpace communications giants and become the forerunner of rural America’s technology race.