M4 Users Conference 2016


The M4 Users Conference is coming up yet again! We’ve planned a special week packed with M4 training, industry discussion and networking opportunity. Last year, our users enjoyed the M4 Users Conference Tracks – guidelines to help users choose which sessions to attend. Like last year, we’ve got content for a variety of roles and industries. Let’s take a look at what’s in store this year!


  • Beginner: These workshops are great for new M4 Users or those wanting to brush up on the fundamentals of M4.
    • You might be interested inM4 for the New Recruit
  • Advanced: Project leaders and advanced users will benefit from these in‐depth workshops created to increase self‐sufficiency and confidence in your M4 projects.
    • You might be interested in: Track and Alert on Circuits with M4
  • Customer Service/Sales/Marketing: Customer service, sales and marketing tasks are simplified with M4 – be sure to attend these sessions to learn some new tips, from workforce management to government reports.
    • You might be interested in: Workflow Optimization for Agent Operations
  • Engineering: See how M4 is working to solve many of our users’ common problems, such as outage duration, bad data or OSP planning.
    • You might be interested in: Outage Response for the M4 Agent
  • Campus: This track guides campus providers toward the sessions that are most beneficial to them and their unique needs.
    • You might be interested inCapture Floorplans and Building Equipment
  • IT: Make sure your IT department is getting the most out of M4 by automating processes and safeguarding against user error. We’ll cover best practices in these informative sessions.
    • You might be interested in: Clear Communications with HQ


With 15 workshop titles being offered up to 4 different times in multiple rooms during the conference, attendees can select up to 8 workshops in which to participate. Visit our Users Conference website and register today! The Early Bird Discount ends soon!