powerofvos-july8-300pxOur customers work in the map, but it’s also so much more… it’s a Visual Operating System (VOS). The VOS is the Communication Service Provider’s (CSP) world. Outside plant, inside plant, customers, prospects, and field technicians are all out in the world interacting with each other. By working in the VOS, each CSP department is speaking the same language.

When the marketing department needs to identify targeted prospects for a campaign, they can use the VOS to layer census data on top of outside plant with open capacity. They can also build hyper local service offerings with confidence, and the CSP can deliver value quickly to new customers. Sales engineers can quickly provide quotes for commercial services without requiring qualification from network engineering. The VOS displays automatic cable routes, estimated installation costs and time frames; it reserves capacity and provides service management teams with pipeline visibility.

A VOS helps coordinate provisioning tasks. It tracks and creates circuits with auto assignment, while also generating staking sheets and work orders for installation. Installation technicians have field access to tickets, inventory, and customer data. Network management and element management systems will auto provision equipment to start services and monitor for customer experience.

A VOS shows at a glance the status of the network, the quality of service, where the disruptions are and who is impacted. The VOS knows where the repair technicians are in the field and auto assigns trouble tickets to open techs. Dispatchers can then prioritize customers with greater needs or group repairs for maximum impact to the customer base.

Executive management uses the VOS to ensure that the entire CSP is speaking the same language, and acts from the same source of truth about current conditions. The VOS delivers reports aligned to business metrics instead of aligned to department silos.

How many prospects located within open capacity were targeted by campaigns? How long was the ‘prospect to customer provisioning’ process, and what was the breakdown by stage? Where were their service disruptions and how long did it take field technicians to reach the customer? As capacity utilization increases, what are the impacts to prospect conversions, sales qualified leads, and resource utilization? A VOS gives executive management a clear strategic visual of conditions, enabling them to seize new opportunities for operational efficiency and revenue growth.

Now imagine you could achieve this next-generation CSP model quickly and painlessly while benefiting from all of your current plant, tools, and processes. Our customers have done it, and are doing it today! It requires a VOS that’s open for integration, a partner with experience in managing silo tools and processes, and a partner with a disciplined project management approach to deliver value quickly.

To see how our customers have done it and to see a needs analysis for your organization, give us a call, come visit us at your local show, or read more here.