Web Strategies Part 2


So we’ve managed to convince you that your company website could use a face-lift. You’re ready to update your photos from 1999, get rid of the Comic Sans font, and generally move your site into the 21st century. Good for you! In part 1 of this series we talked about a couple of tips to bring your website up to speed and attract more page views. Now let’s talk about a few more way you can easily—and inexpensively—bring new life to your online presence and make sure you have your best face forward when customers and prospective customers seek you out online.


  • Link up! We know that having a social media presence is important and just as important is ensuring that you link your social media platforms (especially Facebook and Twitter) to your website. Regardless of what kind of layout your site is using, it’s easy to embed your social media posts into your homepage. Doing this will let your customers know (even the ones not on social media) that your company is active, approachable, and has a presence in the greater global media community. In many cases, having your social media feeds run along the side of your homepage is a good strategy; not too busy but still visible.


  • Reach out. Email marketing campaigns are a fast, inexpensive way to reach your customers and prospective customers. As long as your emails are fun to read, informative, and useful (i.e., letting them know about a special service package available, a discounted service, or a new product) your customers will read them. Establishing an email relationship with your clients also gives them an easy way to direct them back to your website. You can track click-through rates, “hot spots” (places on the email where clients click the most) and other metrics when you employ an email marketing system.


  • Mobilize! Did you know that over 60% of all internet traffic occurs over a mobile device? If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you’re losing out on pageviews and connections with your audience. A cardinal rule of Marketing is “reach your customers on their terms”, and the emergence of smartphones, tablets, and other devices means that your customers are most likely trying to reach you on a mobile device. The good news is that there’s a good chance you won’t have to completely build a new site in order to be accessible on a mobile device. Contact your web hosting company and see what it takes to get your website mobile-friendly; it may be a simple re-configuration that takes minutes. But that small change could increase your pageviews up to 60%, and that’s definitely something worth doing.


Whether your marketing team consists of you and 10 other folks or just you, it’s easy to give your web presence a major boost without spending a lot of time and resources. Here at Mapcom we are committed to helping your telco grow and develop in any way possible.