Web Strategies Part 1


By now, you’ve probably explored the new Mapcom.com website and seen all the fresh features and tools we have added. If you’re reading this you’ve also noticed our blog, action-packed with content and features on different industry issues. A year ago, the Marketing team was in the process of obtaining quotes from various web design firms to try and figure out how to bring our old site into the 21st century. We had resigned ourselves to having to spend upwards of $20,000 to update the site, the content, and the platform itself—talk about sticker shock! The truth is, we didn’t need to spend that amount of money in order to put together an online presence that was unique, useful, and delightful to our users. We just needed a little creativity, some brilliant web design minds, and a whole lot of coffee. A sleek and informative website in within your reach, regardless of how big your marketing department is. Read on for some of our tips to enhancing your web presence!


  • Think you don’t have any content for a blog? You’re wrong! Your customers and prospective customers want to hear from you—they want a relationship with those who provide them services. Reaching out to them with content builds brand loyalty, trust, and keeps your brand in the forefront of their mind even if competition tries to move in. There’s no magic formula for what makes a great blog but here are a few ideas you could try:
    • Be a reporter: Talk about local community events, fundraisers, or other gatherings. You’re already active in your community, why not share your involvement with others?
    • You’re the star: It’s your blog—talk about how wonderful you are! Maybe you’re rolling out a new pricing system, a special offer, or an incredible deal that your clients need to know about. Every post shouldn’t be a commercial, but if you make your content informative to your customers they’ll be back for more.
    • Offer helpful hints: Summer is coming and kids will be out of school—won’t it be a great time to increase your broadband speed, or maybe add another phone line? Let customers know that you’re in touch with their needs, and they’ll look forward to reading what you have to say.


  • Make it dynamic! Clients and search engines alike give preference to websites that update their content as often as possible. A blog will help with that, and you update content to your blog page weekly, bi-weekly, or as much as you can. We all know how quickly the telecommunications environment changes, so your website should reflect that. Make sure that your “about us” page is up-to-date and has relevant pictures, names, and content. Your customers’ likely #1 stop on your website? The “Contact Us” page. So take special care in making sure that one has relevant and useful info that customers may need. Making small changes like updating colors, banners, and pictures can make a big difference in web traffic.


Stay tuned for more tips from the Mapcom Marketing Team on how to enhance your web content and web strategy!