introtogig-300pxAs far as broadband service goes, it’s fairly rare to see a new, game-changing innovation rise on the scene. Gigabit internet has already gained a reputation for its near limitless capabilities and potential. So we have to ask…is gigabit internet the next Big Thing?

In short- yes, it is! Gigabit internet has arrived and it’s here to stay, with formidable champions like Google and Comcast driving the initiative. The main reason for the hype is that gigabit speeds hold the promise of life-changing technology—video streaming with no buffering, public Wi-Fi without slow browsing speeds, downloading and uploading files in seconds rather than minutes. Moreover, the possibilities extend far beyond simply faster or more enjoyable casual internet usage.

We’re entering the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), where almost everything in our homes can be traded in for a “smart” version—smart thermostat, smart refrigerator, smart security systems, etc. When everything you do is dependent on an internet connection, how do you get by with slow speeds and overextended bandwidth? And let’s not forget the burgeoning market of telemedicine, the ease of mobile banking, or the increasingly popular access to online education. The internet is everywhere! When you look at the full picture, it’s easy to see how one small change to an individual’s daily routine can have major implications for an entire community over time.

So far, only a handful of major cities have benefited from the gigabit race. Aside from the aforementioned perks, their communities have been inundated with economic opportunities. Gigabit internet has drawn corporate giants, such as Amazon and Volkswagen, to cities where they can capitalize on consistent, high-speed connectivity. Many gigabit cities have seen eager startups migrate their way, too, wisely choosing to set up shop in technologically advanced communities.

How can you stand to benefit from offering gigabit service? You have the opportunity to bring innovation to your town before the technology giants beat you to it! You can help foster digital literacy and economic growth, while simultaneously positioning yourself as THE leader in technology and broadband service.