Boost Customer Service with M4


How well do you meet your customers’ needs? Whether its service assurance or service fulfillment, many companies struggle to meet the increasingly high bar of customer service expected by the modern consumer. Our research has shown that 50% of telecom executives cite customer acquisition and retention as their top business issue. So what are the factors contributing to customer dissatisfaction? And more importantly, how can you alleviate them?


Time is a precious commodity for both the service provider and the consumer. So when a service order is generated, speed is paramount to the success of the customer’s experience. The customer expects to feel like a priority and wants to see their requests dealt with quickly. If your team is struggling with multiple steps, multiple departments and multiple programs to manage the process, you’re wasting valuable time. What if you could process the entire lifecycle of a service or trouble ticket from within one system?


Scheduling, dispatching and equipment assignment can all be executed from within M4’s modular solution platform. Cross-OSS integration allows your team to minimize the time spent on service processes and deliver service to the customer sooner. With features like auto-assignment and automated inventory, M4 frees up countless hours throughout your various departments.


M4 Process Manager allows users to create and share process templates to streamline repeated tasks. This module dynamically updates information and can identify bottlenecks before they occur. M4 Services Manager is a customer service, management and sales tool that can help your reps visibly map service and product upsell opportunities. M4 Services Manager can prequalify prospective new customers and generate customized reports for targeted sales and marketing initiatives.


M4’s modules are built to integrate with existing systems and processes. This allows M4 to pull vital service data from billing, CRM and inventory systems to load the map with the information you need. If you want to learn more about M4, email us at