Enhanced tools and new features facilitate increased efficiency and profitable revenue growth for telecommunications and campuses using M4’s visual operations software platform.


March 16, 2015 – RICHMOND, VA – Mapcom Systems has released the newest version in its suite of Visual Operations System (VOS) software, M4® Solutions. The release contains over 130 enhancements covering virtually all of the modules within the suite.

Of the 130+ enhancements in this release, over 40 percent were submitted by the M4 User Community, including module enhancements to M4 Foundation, M4 Administrator, M4 Workforce, M4 Inventory, M4 Assignment, M4 Web Console, M4 Network Equipment Manager, M4 Fiber, M4 Circuit Manager and M4 Process Manager. With these enhancements, Mapcom Systems continues to emphasize the commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Key M4 enhancements include:

  • M4 Workforce has several new features including the use of Google directions to provide route optimization for field technicians. M4 Workforce now allows users to save and name work schedules as templates in order to reuse them in the future. Also, customer communication functionality has been improved with the addition of an optional pre-appointment email feature.
  • M4 Web Console includes several significant enhancements. Users can now use a Broadband Calculator tool to compare the bandwidth requested by a customer with bandwidth availability at a service location. In addition, field manager functionality has been added to M4 Web Console, allowing users to drill down deeper to view map-based information traditionally provided in M4 Field Manager modules.
  • M4 Assignment now includes web-based cutsheet functionality, providing users with a user-friendly interface to build and manage equipment cuts.
  • With M4 Network Equipment Manager, users now have the ability to save card configurations on ISP equipment as a network template, saving time and effort by replicating common card and slot configurations.
  • M4 Foundation and M4 Web Console now utilize many new standard reports, which allow users to quickly and easily access information.

“With M4 version 15.0, Mapcom Systems has continued to find ways to help our clients automate and streamline their processes throughout their organization with new and enhanced tools for Engineering Design, Sales Engineering, Billing, Accounting, and Workforce Management. To this end we have improved the standardization across all M4 applications, enhanced the look and feel of certain modules, added functionality to improve ease of use and information accessibility, and reduced the number of steps to perform workforce scheduling, plant assignment, circuit design and sales engineering,” said David Spiller, Vice President of Technology for Mapcom Systems.


About Mapcom Systems

Mapcom Systems is the developer of M4 Solutions – a visual operations platform that allows service providers to manage their workforce, as well as fiber, coax, wireless and copper networks, including both outside and inside plant at the physical and logical levels. M4 Solutions enables users to integrate and correlate data from existing billing, accounting, GPS tracking, element management and network monitoring applications in a powerful visual interface to all network elements. Since 1971, Mapcom has worked with independents, cooperatives, fiber communities, and campus telecommunications providers of all sizes across the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. For more information, visit the Mapcom website at www.mapcom.com.


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