M4 Field Managers and Consoles

Share vital data across your organization with customizable permissions and role privileges.


M4 Field Managers and Consoles integrate with the entire M4 Solutions Suite. With these tools, every department can access to the data they need quickly and easily. Use M4 Field Managers and Consoles to view, search, verify, and print the records stored within M4.

M4 Standard Console

  • Easily navigate and analyze map data
  • Use custom floating menus created by the project administrator for:
    • Quick searches
    • Job-specific queries
    • Client locates
    • Facility locates
    • Print maps and generated print reports

M4 Web Console

  • View from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Use custom menus for locates and job-specific queries
  • Create spatial queries to find trends in specific areas

M4 Circuits Console

  • View circuit assignments on both OSP and ISP inventories
  • Find circuit hierarchies and fill rates (WDM, SONET, ETHERNET)
  • Highlight geographical circuit routes
  • Generate Design Layout Record (DLR) reports

M4 Construction Console

  • Full view capabilities of work orders
  • View pre-post or as-built status
  • Multi-user access to work orders in progress
  • Redline markup for work orders

M4 Fiber Field Manager

  • Fiber Management Tools:
    • View all aspects of the fiber network
    • Run restoration sheets for emergency splicing
    • Initiate traces and highlight paths
    • Run fiber make-up and capacity reports
    • Identify affected areas and users
  • Inside Plant Management Tools:
    • View rack, bay and card information
    • View patch panel and connectors
    • View network equipment and connections to adjacent equipment

M4 Telephony Field Manager

  • See color codes and dead pairs in cut-sheet reports
  • Run automated reports for:
    • Loop makeup
    • Cable composition by gauge
    • Loading summaries
    • Resistance and signal loss

M4 Services Manager Console

  • Generate targeted sales, marketing and case study data
  • Customize reports with defined selection sets
  • Accurately track and report service take and qualification information for all exchanges
  • Access vital engineering information without risking corruption

M4 Field Manager Suite

Includes all capabilities of M4 Standard Console, plus:

  • M4 Fiber Field Manager
  • M4 Construction Console
  • M4 Telephony Field Manager
  • M4 Services Manager Console


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