M4 SLA Vision

Powered by OcularIP. Share real-time network performance information with this service assurance management platform.


Share performance information on demand with M4 SLA Vision. You choose what information is available, how it’s presented, and who has access. Plus, you can receive reports and predictive information, as well as monitor offnet partners to ensure services are delivered as required.


  • Share information on demand through a branded customer portal
  • Customizable dashboards and visualizations capable of tracking over 100 KPIs
  • View the same information as your customers
  • Flexible circuit domain architecture
  • Customizable role-based functions
  • Customers log into a customized self-service portal; no security risk of unnecessary access
  • Create precise reports that meet the needs of customers, engineers, and management


  • End-to-end service assurance visibility and management
  • Reduction in customer calls due to shared visibility into performance data
  • Ability to identify service drift or near-violations prior to an outage
  • Capture SLA credits and reduce MTTR
  • Monitor off-net provider circuit segments
  • Gain the trust of Finance, Healthcare, and other key market customers with performance visibility
M4 RevGen

Why M4 SLA Vision?

Carriers and service providers choose M4 SLA Vision due to its extensive functionality, ability to quickly integrate, reduce support overhead, and enhance operational performance through predictive compliance management, all the while delivering an improved/value-added customer experience.

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